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We are a closely-knit group of young, enthusiastic people with a clear road-map ahead of us to execute our ambitious plans, and enough experience to turn them into reality. At Khel Street, we have a vision to revolutionize the world of mobile gaming with our visually-stunning, intuitive and most importantly, fun to play games. And they will be available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Our Mission

We at Khel Street have a mission, and a noble one at that, to help in the prosperity of the lesser-developed parts of India with the profits we make off our products in the mobile gaming market - two fields which have no inter-connection at all. We aim to invest 25% of our financial gains in the development of rural areas in India, and we require your help in this mission of ours.

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Aftab Ahmed


Zeeshan Alam

shiv jee

Shiv Jee

Happy Users Says...

“These games are really unique and creative and have the power to keep one fully entertained throughout. Some greatly enjoyable games-also perfect to energise one's mind.And the best part-who had thought just by playing games and having fun you would be contributing towards development.Exciting,isn't it!! ”

Shefali Das Patna

“Khelstreet games are more engaging and one can see the enthusiasm and hunger of playing again and again. Good going Khelstreet!”

Dharmesh Kumar Dewangan Patna

“The game is very addicting. Graphics and cortrols are awesome. A must play game.😍”

Rajnesh Rajput Patna

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